Welcome to the 3204 Auctions
CGC 9.8 Subscription Service!

Get certified CGC 9.8 graded copies of your favorite
comic books automatically!


If you like getting CGC graded 9.8 copies of your favorite new comic books that come out every week, but are tired of the hassle of tracking them down, missing out on auctions, poor shipping and untrustworthy dealers, then this service is for you!

CGC 9.8 Subscription Service is very simple, just tell me which future comic books you want and I go get them for you as they become available! You only pay for the books that come back from CGC in a 9.8 grade.

My name is Jerry Reymann, owner of 3204 Auctions, Inc., and I am an authorized CGC dealer. I have been selling CGC graded books on eBay for more than 14 years and have a 95% success rate getting 9.8 grades on my submissions to CGC. Dealing in comics is my full-time job and I am available all day to provide you with quick and efficient service.  I am also one of the top submitters of modern comics to CGC, which further increases your chances of getting a 9.8 or higher!

Check me out at
www.3204auctions.com to be taken to my eBay store. You will see I am a Top Rated Plus/Gold Power Seller with near perfect feedback!



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